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Jersey Sweetened Condensed Filled Milk

Produced in the heart of Cebu, Philippines under the most stringent Quality Control, our flagship brand is now the go-to condensed milk among mothers and business owners largely due to the consistent quality and affordable price. We revamped your regular condensed milk into a creamier, whiter and higher protein one– ideal for desserts and coffee or tea.


Jersey Milk Powder

Made from full cream freshly spray-dried cow’s milk in New Zealand, packed in convenient sizes for your daily dose of Calcium or as a great addition to your recipes.


Jersey Oats

Clean oat flakes, prepared by rolling hulled oats from Australia. Zero cholesterol and trans fat, high in fiber and protein-it is ideal for hot and cold kitchen applications.


Dutch Alkalized Cocoa Powder

Rich, dark 10/12 mid-red cocoa powder from The Netherlands with 12% fat ideal for your frostings, cakes, brownies and all kinds of chocolate desserts.